Spring has finally Sprung

A new family for 2018

Blue Tit nesting

One of our wonderful wildflowers

Red Campion

It has been a long time coming, but it seems spring has finally arrved in Churchfield. Once again the wildflowers seem to be thriving with new growth coming and some already in flower, like the beautiful Red Campion (pictured).

These wildflowers not only brighten the field and create a pleasing view, but they play an important role in supporting our native wildlife. The flowers produce nectar for our butterflies, bees, and other insects. Seeds from some like ribwort plantain provide food for field mice and voles, which in turn are fed upon by kestrels and owls. So it’s a big thankyou to everyone involved in planting and maintaining these vital flowers.

Another sign that spring is here is evident in our nestboxes. At least one seems to be a home for a Blue Tit family. We had wondered if cutting down the two large Ash trees may affect this years nesting, but it seems they have just picked a different tree for the moment.

Lets hope this late but great spring is followed by an equally great summer!