Orchard Workday

It was a wonderful morning on the day we arranged to do our first major orchard maintenance of 2019. Following a visit by Ben Fenton from “The Orchard project” earlier in the month, our volunteers were all geared up and enthusiastic about carrying out the recommended work of weeding and mulching around our fruit trees.

Before the weeding session

Weeds removed and Mulch added. Much needed TLC

Adding enjoyment to what could have been really hard work, we were accompanied all morning by the beautiful sound of a Song Thrush, keeping us entertained and in good spirits. We also had a brand new volunteer in the form of a Robin, who supervised us from his perch on top of an apple tree and it’s cane. Will he come and help again next week when we plant more wildflowers?

Latest Volunteer – He only does supervisory work.

The volunteers decided to take full advantage of the good weather and extended the planned work to tidying around benches, picnic table and wildflower patches.

Thank you to all those people involved for the hard work, and also to the local wildlife for spurring us along.

Our next volunteer day will be Friday 31st May 10.00am to 12.00 when we will be planting more wildflowers. Please feel free to come along and join us. Everyone will be made welcome.