Only God can make a tree!

A Copper Beech – A new addition to Churchfield

According to the poem by Joyce Kilmer, “only God can make a tree”. That may be true but we mortals can certainly plant them.

Some of you may have noticed some recent additions to Churchfield in the form of some Copper Beech trees and an Oak tree; plus there are some more to come.

On Wednesday 19th February we will be taking delivery of  four Hornbeams which we will be planting as soon as they arrive. If anyone wishes to be involved, or learn more about tree planting and Churchfield in general, please feel free to come along at 10.00am on that day. You will be made very welcome.

This tree planting scheme is taking place as a result of a grant from Denby Dale Parish Envronment Trust (DDPET). This is part of a management plan to replace some trees that have already been removed, and some that will have to be removed within the next few years due to disease or weakness. It will also help with absorption of some of the rainwater that has plagued the site over the last few months.  This has resulted in some water logging which has prevented mowing and other work from taking place. Trees are also vital in combating climate change, with their ability to breath in and trap large quantities of carbon dioxide during their lifetime.

We have selected Beech, Hornbeam and Oak because they are all native to Britain and will add some variety to the species we already have. Both Beech and Hornbeam produce a nut which is particularly popular amongst some of our native and visiting migrant bird species during the Winter months when times can be hard. All three species help to support a diverse range of insect and other wildlife.

Here’s a reminder of that tree planting date again: Wednesday 19th February at 10.00am