Our New Trees – A Legacy for the Future

Janet Depledge (Chair of DDPC) adds her support and encouragement.

There has been a tremendous amount of activity in Churchfield this weekend, with trees being at the centre of it all.

It was a sad time earlier this year when we learned that three of our mature trees were so sick they needed to be removed from Churchfield. That now seems an eternity ago, especially following the news that the Woodland Trust were happy to supply three replacement trees to be planted during National Tree week.  As promised those trees were planted today – the 3rd December at the culmination of National Tree Week.  We are really looking forward to seeing them develop from the little saplings they are at present, into giant majestic oaks that will last for many years to come.

The Friends of Churchfield would like to thank everyone who came along to offer support for the tree planting and to take part in the tree dressing. The dressed trees look very colourful and inviting, so please take time to visit and admire them. We would also like to thank the Parish Council in supporting the work we have been doing, and for taking a lead in approaching the Woodland Trust for replacements. We were delighted to see the Chair of the Council, Janet Depledge, come along today to be involved, and offer her support and encouragement. This is what she had to say:

” It was something of a surprise for me to learn that 800 years ago our forebears had the foresight to appreciate the importance of trees to our environment and our well-being , and thus the Tree Charter was born.
Those values are still so relevant today as those who value trees battle against worldwide deforestation and the removal of trees for building and other industrialisation.

It was therefore a real pleasure to be invited this morning to the planting of 3 trees on Churchfields to commemorate National Tree Week. The Oaks and the Cherry will serve as a reminder in years to come of the values established so many years ago.  For the trees to be planted on Churchfields was a bonus, as the Friends of Churchfields have worked so hard to make this a particularly nice place in our lovely village.”

There are more photographs of the planting and tree dressing on our gallery pages (perhaps with many more to come) so please take some time to have a browse and even send us your feedback or comments via our contacts page.