Nature Doesn’t Lockdown!

It’s time for a Spring update from Churchfield, and whilst the Friends group may not be particularly active at the moment due to our lockdown and social distancing rules, there’s still plenty going on.

We know that people are using the field to take their daily exercise, and to walk their dogs so it’s good that we are still able to get the grass cut and we can continue to service the dog waste bin and top up the dispensers. The grass cutting is particularly important now. It allows people to walk around the field and sometimes wander off the paths to keep a good distance from other walkers. As this is done by just one contractor on site there’s no danger of the social distancing rules being broken.

Thankfully, most of our long term plans for Churchfield have already been achieved. We had a session of tree planting last year and no major plans for 2020, so a bit of a delay in getting back to maintenance should not be too detrimental for us.

Whilst human activity may be a bit slower than usual, nature is moving on at a pace. The trees we planted last year are coming into leaf.  Look at the Copper Beech in the title photograph, it will be stunning when it matures a little. The Hornbeams are also looking healthy, as are the fruit trees. There’s lots of wildlife visiting the site too. It looks like Blue Tits are nesting, a Pheasant is a regular visitor (they love garden peas, so keep an eye on him if you have an allotment), Robins, Starlings, Blackbirds and Goldfinches are often around. Also let’s not forget the humble House Sparrow. They are often overlooked.

Here’s a few photographs taken during one of my daily exercise walks, for those of you that are unable to visit the site at the moment.

And finally – last but not least, one of the new Hornbeams

From the Friends of Churchfield, Bye for now and Stay Safe.