It’s all about the trees

We’ll be dressing trees again THIS Sunday (4th December) to celebrate the important role our trees play in our lives and our environment. We’re delighted to announce that our orchard has now been ADOPTED and given heaps of TLC (and manure) by the Community Gardeners on Churchfield. Heartfelt thanks to all of you! Volunteers have also addressed the problem of the expanding hedgerow, starting by giving our two Rowan trees some light, air and a bit of extra support!

We’re meeting on the field at 12 noon on Sunday, bringing festive refreshments and biodegradable decorations (natural materials only please so as not to harm wildlife) to decorate (one of?) our trees. We’re hoping that people will join us and continue to add to the decorations throughout December. More information and another lovely display from Kate on the noticeboard.

Happy Tree Day everybody!