Is anything happening?

Like everything else at the moment, volunteer activities in Churchfield have been hit by the current coronavirus pandemic, and we have to stick to the Government regulations to help keep everyone safe, and prevent the spread of this disease.

This means there are no volunteer workdays for the foreseeable future so things like the footpaths may get a little overgrown, and the grass around the benches might grow a bit longer than we would like. We apologise for this but we will get back to carrying out maintenance as soon as we are able.

We have a few volunteers who are still able to service the dog waste bin and glove dispensers, and we will continue this service  for as long as we have enough bin liners, gloves and volunteers.

As you can see from this recent photograph of a Peacock butterfly taking nectar from the Goat Willow by the Church entrance. Spring has not put itself on hold.

There is much to see and enjoy so please continue to use the field, but do respect the space of other visitors, volunteers, and allotment holders. Keep Safe!