Hedgehog Hotel

On Tuesday 14th November, 4 volunteers and Dave Countryside cleared the flag path halfway and used the turf at the top of the field, moving the remaining walling stone over to the next repair site by the gate, and transferring a few barrowloads of leaf mould to the pens by the allotments. We weeded and tidied the planters and added the QR code to the noticeboard. We used the remaining large timber pieces left on the field to construct a hedgehog shelter near the boundary, and then we ate carrot and ginger cake. It was a beautiful crisp Autumn morning and while we were working, a buzzard and a heron flew over, a jay told us off, a flock of long tailed tits paid a visit and a ladybird showed an interest in the cake tin. We’d love to see more volunteers on the field. Watch this space for details of coming events.