Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to help look after Churchfield, how do I join the friends group?

Friends of Churchfield can be contacted directly through this website, see the contact page.

Is Churchfield wheelchair accessible?

It is now! Read about our ramp access completion in the news section.

Can we hold our own fundraising event on Churchfield?

It may be possible to hold small, local events on the field. Please contact the parish council via their website.

Can we picnic on Churchfield?

You are very welcome to picnic on Churchfield, there is a wheelchair accessible picnic table and several benches. Please take all litter home or put it in the bin by the top stile.

Who owns Churchfield?

The field is owned by Kirklees Council and is leased to Denby Dale Parish Council.

Who is in charge of the allotments?

The allotments are leased from Denby Dale Parish Council and maintained by their tenants.

Where is the nearest public toilet?

There are accessible toilets in Springfield Mills (across the road at the bottom of Trinity Drive).

Can I get to Churchfield by public transport?

Churchfield is not on a bus route but is only a few minutes walk from Denby Dale High Street and the bus terminal immediately outside Denby Dale Train Station. Trains run hourly on the Penistone line between Sheffield and Huddersfield.

I’m coming by car, where can I park?

Churchfield does not have its own car park and parking is not allowed in Trinity Church car park unless on church business. Parking is allowed on Barnsley Road but please be mindful of junctions and driveways.

Does Churchfield have a café?

The nearest café is in Springfield Mills, and Denby Dale Tea Rooms can be found in the village centre.

Where can I dispose of dog waste on Churchfield?

Providing it is bagged, dog waste can safely be disposed of in the black litter bins around the village. There is a council litter bin by the stile at the top of Churchfield, and a new bespoke dog waste bin at the bottom entrance to the field. We ask that you do not dispose of dog waste in bins next to children’s play areas.