Dressed to Impress

Our tree dressing weekend has started and everyone is welcome to come along and be involved.

On 1st December we started the process of “dressing” some of the Churchfield trees. This is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years when travellers would tie a piece of cloth to tree near a holy well after taking a drink. The tree is a symbol of long life and health. This year we  have decided to become involved with the Tree Dressing weekend as a way of celebrating the trees we have, and those we have yet to plant. It falls nicely at the end of National Tree week and this year it is extra special as it is also the 800th anniversary of the Charter for the Forest, which was set up to protect trees and encourage new planting.

If you would like to be involved, why not come along to Churchfield on Sunday 3rd December from 10.00am onwards.

On this day you can help us to plant some new trees, which have been supplied by the Woodland Trust, or simply bring some ribbon or coloured cloth, and attach it to the trees that have had the trunks dressed. You could dedicate it to the memory of someone special, a loved pet, or do it just for the sake of it. Whatever the reason come along and join in.

If you want to know more about Tree dressing, National Tree Week, or the Tree Charter their are links to websites on the previous news item “Celebrate our Trees”.