A Huge Thankyou

After over a month’s delay the grass gets cut

The flowers take centre stage

Following a very wet March and April, we have had over a month’s delay in getting the machines into Churchfield, and the grass cut.

But it has finally happened. The extremely long grass, docks, and other plants have had their first two cuts of the year allowing our beautiful wildflowers to take centre stage, where they deserve to be. A big thank you goes to the Vital Element team, who carry out this task with such professionalism and expertise (a short video about their work in Churchfield is below) . They never fail to impress us with the transformation and with their ideas. The grass and weeds were so overgrown on this occasion, they had to carry out the first two cuts back to back. That was a lot of very hard work.

Another huge thankyou goes to our two sponsors who funded these mowings.

Firstly: Denby Dale Parish Council, who year after year have supported the Friends of Churchfield with awards to pay for the mowing, despite difficult times and conflicting demands upon them. It is uplifting to know we have their support.

Secondly: Denby Dale Parish Environment Trust (DDPET), who have supported all sorts of organisations throughout the parish in realising their environmental projects. Once again their support is very gratefully received, and we appreciate their continued support.

Those two organisations’ commitment to assisting us can not be understated. Very often we have needed to mow the grass in Churchfield, as many as six times a year. The cost of this can be over £1000, so we are always grateful and appreciative of any help we can get, no matter how seamingly insignificant.

If you or your organisation are interested in sponsoring a mowing, or indeed wish to make a donation towards it, please contact us via our email address, which can be found on the contacts page of this site.

Lets hope for a slightly drier Summer, so we can all spend more time enjoying our outdoor spaces, like Churchfield.