2019 Spring News – Looking to the future.

Grass cutting under the new regime

First Cut of 2019

The first grass cutting of 2019 has been carried out, so that tells me we are well into Spring. There are lots of things happening and we have some exciting times to come through 2019.

We have a new contractor to carry out the grass cutting, and I am amazed at how he manouvered the huge cutter between the fruit trees, without any accidents.

The field is springing into life. After the mowing was finished the buzzards came and inspected. I hope it met their approval. I am always impressed by how Buzzards and Kestrels turn up when a field is being mowed. They are clever enough to know that those small rodents are easier to see.

There are many other birds visiting Churchfield too.

Blackbirds are regularly finding worms and we are now seeing Goldfinches flitting around the wildflower patches in search of seeds and insects.

Hungry Blackbird

Early Bird catching the worm

Goldfinch in Churchfiels

I’m a helicopter

Talking of wildflowers – you may have noticed the signs asking people not to walk on the area so that the flowers have a chance to flourish. These certainly seem to have paid dividends and the flowers are starting to thrive, so thank you to everyone for helping us with that.


First of the Many?

Finally: we are starting to plan for our Summer maintenance and events. We will have some more wildflowers to plant out very soon and we will be looking for volunteers to help with that. We have had a visit from “The Orchard Project” who will be helping and advising us to manage our fruit trees. Again we would welcome volunteers to help with this.

And if you attended our Picnic in the Park Last September and “Carols with Cake” in December, we shall be repeating those  events in 2019. The Picnic is planned for Sunday 15th September, so keep watching this site and our notice board for more details.