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The Friends of Churchfield are local people, who first came together in the Spring of 2014, to help maintain this typical valley landscape, with its panoramic view of the viaduct and village. Kirklees intends to keep Churchfield as a community open space with an area set aside for allotments.

The Friends’ aims are, working with the Parish Council, to enhance the wildlife and plant life in a whole site approach. We were awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant in September 2015 to improve access for wheelchairs and buggies, undertake new planting, encourage bird life and provide information on the history and biodiversity of the field and its surroundings. We hope that this website will inspire you to visit, use and enjoy the land.


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What We Do


The Friends group is run on a voluntary basis. We have a committee structure, a constitution and an AGM to which all members are invited. Membership subscription is £1 and members are kept informed about meetings, events and working sessions. As well as the £10,000 grant from the Lottery Fund, with its emphasis on informing and involving the public, the committee has successfully applied for grants from Kirklees and the Parish Council (Denby Dale Parish Environment Trust), for the resurfacing of the public path, the repair of broken walls and grass cutting.

Friends of Churchfield Constitution, and our policies on Health and Safety, Safeguarding, and Equal Opportunities, are available on request: info@friendsofchurchfield.org.uk


Latest News & Events

Wednesday Workday

Wednesday Workday

The path through Churchfield used to be like this. We slowly cleared the sides and discovered the original edging stones all the way down, exactly “five feet” apart (one and a half metres in new money). When first surfaced it looked like this….. We’re working… Read more

0 / Lorraine Fletcher / May 06, 2022


I have sad news to pass on. Barbara Priest, who as you all know was key to the success of the Churchfield project, has an inoperable brain tumour and is receiving end-of-life care at a local care home. She’s approached her final weeks with incredible… Read more

0 / Lorraine Fletcher / Mar 09, 2022

A little field with many beating hearts...

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If you have any questions about Churchfield, or if you are interested in joining the Friends of Churchfield group, please use the contact form below or send an email to: info@friendsofchurchfield.org.uk.

Further information can be found on the main Contact & Links page.

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